Interested in a 3 or 5 Day Juice Cleanse?

All True Juices and juice cleanses are 100% natural fruits and vegetables made fresh for you. We are committed to not only your health but the health of our environment as well. As such all our juices are delivered in environmentally friendly returnable glass jars or compostable cups, lids and straws made of corn.

We have the house juices listed above regularly in stock or set to be pressed within a couple of days. Our monthly 3 and 5 day juice cleanse juices are selected every month based on what’s in season and the selections are not provided before the cleanse. We do need to know if you have any allergies. We are happy to accommodate allergies when we are notified on the order form.

This is how our cleanses work. You place your order via the link to our Juice Cleanse order form. This must be submitted by the Tuesday before the cleanse (dates are found with link). The cleanse is available for pick up on a Sunday so your order must be submitted by the previous Tuesday. Have a valid CC on file with us when you submit your order.

We press the juices over the weekend. You can pick them up in New Haven at the studio or in Madison at What’s Cookin where we press them on Sunday evening. You can start your cleanse within 1-3 days of collecting the juices. The juices are remarkably long lasting but freshest is best so we don’t encourage anyone to begin their cleanse later than the following Wednesday.

If you do a 3 day Cleanse you will pick up 6x32oz jars of juice on Sunday (or as soon as you can get them). If you do a 5 day cleanse you will have a 2nd pick up of 4 more 32oz jars the following Wednesday so you’ll have your juices fresh. How you approach the cleanse is up to you. You can drink nothing but juice and water for the duration of your cleanse. Alternatively, if you’re strugggling with hunger you can make smoothies out of some of your juices with a banana or avocado and some of our seed medley to make them a bit more filling. And if you are really struggling with hunger during the cleanse you can snack on small amounts of raw almonds or apple slices to get by.

Many people think of a cleanse as a quick weight loss trick. A juice cleanse will help with weight loss but not in the way you think. Yes, you will drop a few pounds when you are just consuming delicious, healthy juices for 3 to 5 days. But as soon as you begin to eat again those pounds will return. But the magic of the cleanse is in what it shows you how the foods you reintroduce, after you’ve given your digestive system a rest, make you feel. And you’ll be amazed at how much energy you have once you get over the mental hump of day 2. Knowledge is power, and knowing how foods affect you physically and mentally help you make better choices in your day and ultimately improve a good weight for your lifestyle.