First Class

When you arrive we’ll be super happy to see you. Especially if you arrive 15 minutes before class starts. We don’t let first timers into class late so leave yourself enough time to find the studio, park, get inside and still have 10 minutes so we can give you the tour and prep you for class. When you first arrive, we’ll ask you to fill out a waiver unless you’ve already filled one out online. We will verify this before you are allowed in the practice room so sign in at front desk as soon as you arrive. No exceptions. Going to a new class can be intimidating. We want you to feel at home at True Bikram Yoga so here are some tips to help you blend in.

  • The studio will be open 15 minutes prior to and close 15 minutes after each class.
  • First time students must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class for orientation. The studio door may be locked at class start time so please be on time.
  • Due to the protocols in place we’re sorry but we are unable to allow anyone into class late. Please plan ahead.
  • All new students must read and sign a waiver-release online before coming to the studio.
  • All classes are 60 or 90 minutes long, please plan to stay in class the entire time. If you are leaving class early please notify the teacher BEFORE class starts.
  • No shoes in the yoga room.
  • Please do not bring cell phones or electronics into the hot room, currently all bags and coats go into the yoga room with you.
  • All students must use a mat and towel. We are no currently renting any equipment but if you do not bring them you can purchase them.
  • We do not have our own parking in the New Haven studio but we have some tips so check out our parking tips here.