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Welcome to True Bikram Yoga’s Virtual Studio

1 July, 2020

We’re excited you found us! And your timing is excellent. True Bikram Yoga is an extraordinary community of Yogi’s. We open our studio doors again JULY 6th, first in New Haven!! Madison will follow when the upgrades to our hot room floor are completed in a couple of weeks.

Our virtual live stream and in-studio classes empower, strengthen and relieve stress like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Check it out for yourself.

There are 2 steps to take to participate in an online class.

  1. Click the “Sign-up” buttons below.
  2. You’ll get a registration email immediately, then another email 1 hour before, then a text message 15 minutes before class start. Click the link in the email/text and you’re in.

An awesome benefit of Membership at True is that you receive an email link to all classes an hour before even if you don’t sign up. For everyone else you must sign up before class time (in MindBody) to get the link. So sign-up early and often!

Please check out our Home Practice Prep video to ease the transition from a traditional class practice to your home, create a space to practice in and help you find the gift in the problem.

Through this new virtual platform we are bringing you visiting teachers from around the world.

For in studio classes you must sign up online before hand and sign the virtual waiver otherwise you will not be allowed to practice. Class sizes are very limited so there is an 8 hour cancelation window. If you miss that window and we had anyone on the waiting list you will be charged $20. 

We make fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices at True. They are available in 32oz & 64oz jars. Email info@truebikram.com and put JUICE in the subject for a menu of available juices and to place an order. Once a month we offer juice cleanses to keep everyone’s immune system at 100% so keep an eye on your inbox for that.

Your health and vitality has never been more of a priority. So scroll down and sign up for a class now!!

We are here for you for the duration.
In light and love, 

Robin Brace

Owner, Instructor

Our Classes

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Super-charge your immune system and enjoy energy and vitality that will suprise you. Our juice cleanses range from 2 to 5 days with a minimum of 3 days recommended. Pressed fresh at True Bikram Yoga in Madison and presented in sparkling returnable glass Ball jars, these juices are so fresh and healthy you will experience what optimum health really means.

Email info@truebikram.com to place your order. Please put CLEANSE in the subject of the email. 

Bikram Yoga

The Original Hot Yoga class is a transformational 90 minute experience, great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. This is the real deal, no compromises. Bikram Yoga is always hot yoga but Hot Yoga isn’t always Bikram Yoga. Come experience how the original hot yoga works the entire body and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.


Ultimate Hot High Intensity Interval Training

Looking to build core strength and get more muscle definition? Our High Intensity Interval Training Class is a fun, challenging, full body, high intensity, low impact workout using Pilates principles. HIIT is an amazing workout that strengthens muscles and burns fat without the pounding of a high impact workout. It is designed for all fitness levels.

Yin Yoga

Some days you just don’t want to be asked but you need a minute to yourself. Yin is not easy but it’s a slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with asanas held for longer periods of time (2-5 minutes) but specifically designed for you NOT to exert yourself but allow the posture itself to do the work. This class is unheated and you are welcome to bring any props you may want to use like blocks, cushions, extra yoga mats or straps.

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The Best of Yoga

Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching True

If you’ve been completely transformed by your original hot yoga practice and want to facilitate the transformation of others, Teaching True may be for you.

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A Fresh New Look!

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Bikram Yoga Is Restorative Yoga

Bikram Yoga Is Restorative Yoga

I recently read an article on the NPR website reporting the findings of a study about yoga helping with back pain. This is something we've known for a very long time. Believe it or not Bikram Yoga is restorative, gentle and therapeutic. It is brilliant for recovery...

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