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Super-charge your immune system and enjoy energy and vitality that will surprise you. Our monthly juice cleanses are available for 3 or 5 days. Pressed fresh at What’s Cookin’ in Madison and presented in sparkling returnable glass jars, these juices are so fresh and healthy you won’t believe a cleanse can taste this good.

Order form opens during the first week of the month. We send you a head’s up email. Orders must be placed and paid for 5 days prior to pick up. CLICK HERE FOR THE ORDER FORM.

Next Cleanse will be in August…dates to be announced.


You know if you can get your self together you can stay healthy and active. The easy-grab stuff that’s always in your face is filled with empty calories and very little nutrition if any. True Juices are made with only fresh fruits and vegetables and cold pressed in-house to maintain their nutrient-density. They are incredibly delicious and chock full of all the nutrition you need. Make True’s Fresh Pressed Juices your easy-grab with a True Juice Subscription. Set yourself up with 2 or 4 jars of fresh pressed juices per month and fuel your body with nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables that go down smooth and fire you up.

Click 2 JARS/MONTH or 4 JARS/MONTH to get started! 


We are looking for a few enthusiastic new team members who enjoy working with people and just as comfortable working on their own. You will thrive here if you like variety and something different every day…customer service, social media, content creation, juicing and lots of yoga! You must be able to work evenings and weekends in New Haven. You also need good online skills for navigating various marketing platforms. Send your resume to robin@truebikram.com.

CLICK HERE to get started.

Help everyone on the path to a healthy lifestyle by joining the team at True!

In studio & Virtual Bikram Yoga Classes

The Original Hot Yoga class is a transformational 90 minute experience, great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. This is the real deal, no compromises. Bikram Yoga is always hot yoga but Hot Yoga isn’t always Bikram Yoga. Come experience how the original hot yoga works the entire body and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.


Hot HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Looking to build core strength and get more muscle definition? Our High Intensity Interval Training Class is a fun, challenging, full body, high intensity, low impact workout using Pilates principles. HIIT is an amazing workout that strengthens muscles and burns fat without the pounding of a high impact workout. It is designed for all fitness levels. 

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Gift Certificates available online or in studio

Click here to grab a gift certificate online that’s completely customizable for any denomination and have it immediately emailed to you or to whoever it is for. If you would like a physical gift card either stop in around class times (30 mins before or after classes) or give us a call and we’ll pop it into the mail for you. 203-785-0844

Examples of what different gift card values will get your loved one (that includes the sales tax):

  • $32 = an Intro (2 weeks unlimited practice for first timers)
  • $53 = Re-Intro, same as above but for someone returning after a year or more
  • $72 = Intro plus 4 large 16oz juices to enjoy during their 2 weeks
  • $80 = 3 Classes in 2 Weeks (for anyone not eligible for Intro/ReIntro)
  • $102 = Intro plus 7 large 16oz juices to enjoy during their 2 weeks (and share with you!)
  • $234 = 10 Class Card (good for 6 months from 1st class)
  • $220 = an Intro plus 4 weeks of unlimited practice
  • $174= 3 Day Juice Cleanse including jar deposits
  • $280= 5 Day Juice Cleanse including jar deposits


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Quick List of what you need to know…

We’re excited you found us! Here’s what you need to know to feel at home at True.


  • ~Sign up for class online, sign the virtual waiver and have a CC on file.
  • ~Please allow for enough time to get into the studio BEFORE class start time. We cannot allways accomodate latecomers 
  • ~Masks are optional and encouraged if you are concerned about community spread. 
  • ~Showers are available for a quick rinse.
  • ~Towels available for $3, mat rental is $5.


  • ~Click the “Sign-up” button.
  • ~Click the link in the email/text at least 5 minutes prior to class time and you’re in.
  • ~Check with the teacher, they will give you direction on how to situate your device so they can guide you through your practice

Please check out our Home Practice Prep video to realize the potential of a home practice and create a space that supports you getting the most out of the virtual experience.


We make fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices at True. They are available in 32oz & 64oz jars. Email info@truebikram.com and put JUICE in the subject for a menu of available juices and to place an order. Once a month we offer juice cleanses to keep everyone’s immune system at 100% so check your inbox for a message with lots of fruit emoji’s in the subject line.

Your health and vitality has never been more of a priority. So scroll back up and sign up for a class now!!


Stay healthy, 

Robin Brace

Owner, Instructor


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