New Haven Studio

True Bikram Yoga provides a clean and safe environment for you to get maximum benefits from a regular Bikram Yoga and Hot HIIT practice. Mat rental is available for $5 and towel rental for $3 or you’re welcome to bring your own.

True Membership comes with the Monthly Hot Passes and Annual package and gives you total access to our studio and the full schedule of classes we offer. It also provides you with special discounts on events and promotions.

Amenities: Showers are available at our location for a quick rinse as bathrooms are still one at a time. We sell our delicious fresh pressed juices and offer monthly juice cleanses and juice subscriptions.

Lost and Found: We are not responsible for your personal articles while you are in the studio, but we do our best to reunite people with their left items. We will only hold articles in lost and found for 2 months and then they will be donated to charity.

New Haven Entrance: The True Bikram Yoga studio is located in the lower level of 59 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06510. (Corner of Elm and Orange Streets) Tel 203-785-0844. There are 2 entrances: the main entrance on Elm St which is the front of the building is used for Noon and 5:30pm classes only. The side entrance on Orange St is used for 6am, and 7:30pm classes and on weekends. There is a logo over the door and a buzzer to the right of the door for entry. The buzzer is only attended 20 minutes prior to class. Please do not try to buzz in at class time. Access to class is closed at class start time. Latecomers are not allowed.

New Haven Parking:


The meters in New Haven operate from 8am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday.

All street meters are $1.50 per hour and take credit cards or use the apps listed below. Most of the parking meters within a block of the studio have a 1-2 hour time limit. If you time it right for a 90 minute Bikram class, your best bet is to park near the building at a two-hour meter. The 2 hour meters can be occupied for more than 2 hours after 5pm as long as you feed the meter until 9pm.

360 State Street garage unlimited $2 per hr (continue onto Elm Street, take right onto State Street, entrance is two blocks on right).

Free Parking at Yale lot on Temple Street near Elm St after 4:30pm.

Propark behind our building has a rate of $5/hr. If there is no attendant you are expected to put money in the slots corresponding to the number on your parking space or risk getting a $25 ticket or worse, towed.

There are two apps that make parking downtown in New Haven a little easier. You can extend the time on your meter from your smartphone and enjoy your time in the yoga studio with less stress. (We have free WiFi in the studio)
“Park Mobile” http://us.parkmobile.com/
“GoNewHaven” http://us.parkmobile.com/

Pay at the meter when you park with coins or CC. With your smartphone take a photo of the badge on the meter. Then set a timer on your phone for however much time is on the meter (minus a few minutes in case you want a heads up with enough time to return to your car). “Siri, set a timer for 1 hour and 55 minutes.” Then when the timer ends you can decide if you want to extend the session with the parking app or high tail it back to your car.

We offer these tips for parking but cannot take responsibility if you get a parking ticket or towed. New Haven is a great location, but it’s a city, paying for parking is just a part of the deal.

New Haven Studio

59 Elm Street
(Corner of Elm & Orange)
New Haven, CT 06510