I recently read an article on the NPR website reporting the findings of a study about yoga helping with back pain. This is something we’ve known for a very long time.

Believe it or not Bikram Yoga is restorative, gentle and therapeutic. It is brilliant for recovery and physical therapy yet at the same time it’s the best workout you’ve ever had. It’s as intense as you want to make it. Use it for recovery from injury, surgery, accidents or trauma of any kind, mental or physical, and you’ll find Bikram Yoga will be as effective if not more than almost any other therapy or yoga discipline. Why? Simply because True Bikram Yoga is designed to work faster. It’s a 90 minute prescription for almost anything that ails you. It sounds like a lofty claim but you will see in one class how it addresses every joint, muscle and organ system in your body in just 90 minutes. You could spend more time and money to get this or that part of your body worked out or strengthened but Bikram Yoga is designed to build strength and flexibility in every part of the body including the internal organs and to do it immediately. The Bikram series and the way it’s “administered” activates your bodies natural healing mechanisms on such a comprehensive scale it’s hard to measure.

Bikram Yoga was desinged in response to accelerating lifestyles. People used to spend much more time on self-care, there was time to evaluate and make good choices. In today’s world everything is moving faster, we don’t have time nor do we recognize the need for taking time for ourselves. We work long hours and our minds are constantly engaged in ways that are stressful and make it hard to make good choices. Over time our patterns translate into chronic conditions of stress and anxiety. It happens so gradually that you don’t even realize how bad it is until you start to feel better.

Bikram Yoga is considered intense…we always hear “I’ve done ‘normal’ yoga.” when asking someone new to class if they’ve tried it before. Bikram Yoga is “normal” yoga, it is hatha yoga but just fomatted in a way that gives you all the benefits of yoga in a shorter period of time. What that means for the practitioner is that it’s harder. But it’s mentally harder, it’s only as physically challenging as you want to make it. If you want something that will have the biggest, most comprehensive impact on your overall health and give you a healthy mind with which you find it easier to make good choices, try an authentic Bikram Yoga Class.

Robin Brace